9 Piece T-Handle Speed TX Key Set T10-T50

Product code: HTTKT9

  • Designed for applications where superior torque is required for the insertion/extraction of screws and fasteners
  • Delivers greater turning power
  • Blades are constructed from high strength steel and hardened for durability
  • Long blades supports quick fastener turning where accessibility is limited
  • Comfortable ergonomic bi-material handle design
  • Displayed in a convenient plastic storage tray
  • Allows for applications where superior torque is require



HTT10 T10  145mm
HTT15 T15 155mm 
HTT20 T20 170mm 
HTT25 T25 180mm 
HTT27 T27 190mm 
HTT30 T30 200mm 
HTT40 T40 210mm 
HTT45 T45 240mm 
HTT50 T50 270mm 

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