Click Type Torque Wrench!

The Outlaw Tools professional range of click type torque wrenches feature an advanced design that provides accurate readings and ease of use. Here are some of the features that make this torque wrench range durable enough to withstand the use of any professional workshop:


01 Ratchet Head:

A highly robust quick release ratchet mechanism designed and built for the professional technician. Each torque wrench can be used in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

02 Reliable Mechanism:

The durable and rugged nickel chrome steel tube initiates a greater tool life. An audible click sound can be heard whilst felt through the torque wrench when the desired torque value has been achieved.

03 Serial Number:

Each Outlaw Tools click type torque wrench contains its own personal serial number for identification and traceability purposes.

A certificate of calibration is enclosed with every torque wrench displaying the certification readings and the individual serial number. All torque wrenches are calibrated at the factory and certified to meet the accuracy indicated and manufactured to exceed all ANSI performance specifications.

04 Scales:

The use of double laser etching provides a darker and robust readable scale compared to many other brands of torque wrenches!

05 Micrometre Scales:

The very precise and clear micrometre laser scales featured on the handle ensures optimal visibility and adjustability while in use.

06 Lock Ring:

Spring loaded lock ring on the modifiable handle provides the ease of torque adjustments whilst automatically locking when the torque wrench is being operated, this is imperative when working at high torque values.

07 Knurled Handle:

The knurled handle provides a secure non-slip grip designed for when technicians are working at high torques or have oily hands.

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