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Here at Outlaw Tools we are thrilled to release our new range of professional torque multipliers. These multipliers have been developed using the World’s leading manufacturing technology and constructed using the most durable materials, enhancing their working life. 

Whatever your torque requirements we have various size multipliers for you, ranging in newton metres with ratios of 5:1, 15.5:1 and 26:1. Our skilfully assembled multipliers supply a torque multiplication accuracy of at least +4%, these powerful tools will certainly gratify all you’re tightening and untightening requirements. This precision range has been designed for an input use of a breaker bar or manual torque wrench. Impact wrenches both air and battery is prohibited for input use with these tools.


The strong main body that encases the planetary gear mechanisms have been constructed from heat treated chrome vanadium steel and finished with an electroplating coating preventing corrosion and abrasion.

Unlike many other torque multipliers the Outlaw Tools high output range feature an anti-backlash mechanism, this is an advantage when holding the backlash tight whilst ratcheting back in confined spaces.

Extra%20Large%20Torque%20Multiplier.jpg  Large%20Torque%20Multiplier%20In%20Box.jpg

The input and output ends of these multipliers have been manufactured using chrome-molybdenum alloy steel, its characteristics provide strength and resilience.

The following torque multipliers consist of one planetary gear mechanism:

TM1500HT 1500NM Torque Multiplier

TM2700TL 2700NM Torque Multiplier


The below range of higher output torque multipliers consist of two planetary gear and anti-backlash mechanisms, enhancing the high load capacity with a higher ratio:

TM3000HL 3000NM Torque Multiplier

TM4500HL 4500NM Torque Multiplier



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