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10 Piece Precision Mini Pliers Set

Incorporating 10 of the most favored mini pliers designed for accuracy when working in confined spaces.

5 Piece Professional Multi-Purpose Pliers Set 

Intended for everyday and multiple applications.

3 Piece Professional Pliers Set 

Designed with everyday use in mind and constructed from durable steel to extend tool life.

3 Piece Professional Extra Long Reach Pliers Set

Creating 16" of reach in straight, 45? and 90? bends.

 3 Piece Heavy Duty Long Reach Pliers Set

Designed for numerous tasks inclusive of electrical and electronic applications.

3 Piece Heavy Duty Side Cutting Pliers

Various size side cutting pliers to suit all cutting requirements and working space.  

6” Flush Cut Pliers

6” flush cut pliers are designed for cutting soft wire and cable. They are not suitable for cutting MIG wire.

Heavy Duty Right Cut Aviation Tin Snip 

These tin snips feature a drop forged head endorsing their durability and robustness.

Heavy Duty Straight Cut Aviation Tin Snip

Durable, toughened and drop forged head. 

Heavy Duty Left Cut Aviation Tin Snip

Added feature of a safety lock and anti-slip moulded grip handles.

3 Piece Light Duty Aviation Tin Snip Set

3 piece aviation tin snip set has been designed for the lighter use. Their double secretion empowers the cut when cutting through sheet metal.

Long Nose Locking Grip Pliers

Long nose locking grip plier incorporating a wire cutter.

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